Easy but not simple

A mobile phone “shell” can unlock more mobile phone games. With “BEZ”, you can easily realize the modularization of ordinary mobile phones, and connect unlimited expansion to achieve more possibilities. “BEZ” develops high quality and practical extensions for all mobile phones. Slamming, arbitrarily transformed. No need to set up any connection, just gently buckle, automatically identify mobile power, car bracket, gamepad, HIFI stereo, projector, etc., more module play, the latest experience is endless. Even if the phone is replaced, the module can continue to be used. And all this, start with a “shell”!

All screen sizes

Free combination, unlimited connection possible!

Not just wireless charging, this is just the beginning.


Get rid of the line system, that is, put and charge; the speed of wired charging, the experience of wireless charging.


The glass mirror is scratch-resistant, comfortable and exquisite, not exaggerated, and feels smooth and smooth.


The CNC finishes the inner cavity, finishes the outer frame, anodizes, and has 16 processes.


Let the phone instantly become: game consoles, projectors, smart speakers… more functions, more gameplay.


Exclusive customization, showing extraordinary personality; designing a distinctive style for you, becoming the focus of the crowd.


Perfectly fits over 99% of mainstream Apple & Android smartphones on the market today.

About BEL

BEL is called Build Easy Life and is intended to build a simple life for users. This is the original intention and mission of our company.

BEL is always user-centric, adhering to the simple, easy-to-use design principles, and launching a series of digital products that meet user needs and actual usage scenarios. Based on the user experience, BEL optimizes and upgrades product design and function development to provide users with a full range of digital solutions.

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